The Federation’s site and plot competitions

Each year we run competitions for the best allotment site and best individual plot in the borough of Barnet. For the site competition, there are two categories, namely large sites and small sites. For the plot competition, societies are asked to nominate one plot per site.

Alongside the competitions we seek nominations for the Ted Green Memorial Award, which is for an outstanding community initiative by an allotment society during the previous twelve months. It is named after Ted Green who was for many the secretary of the Federation.

The 2018 competitions will take place in July. The internal judging will be on Saturday 14 July and the final external judging on Saturday 21 July. There are monetary prizes and trophies which will be presented at an awards event later in the year.

The pack of documentation for the competitions has been emailed to society secretaries. It contains the rules and schedule with a list of small sites, entry form and judging sheets for guidance, and an application form for the Ted Green Award.  Please use the front sheet of the schedule as a poster for your noticeboards and please let your members know about the competition. 

Copies of the documentation may be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Last year 20 societies took part, the highest number so far, and it would be wonderful to have some more entries this year, particularly from the small sites –so why not consider having a go this year?  We very much look forward to receiving your entry forms by the closing date of Friday 22 June 2018.

The 2017 competitions were held in July with judging taking place over two weekends. In the preliminary round the judging was undertaken by trained Federation volunteers. From those shortlisted in the first round the winners and runners-up were then decided by a Royal Horticultural Society judge.

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up which were as follows

Plot competition

  Site Plotholder
First Golders Green Silas Kendall
Second Vale Farm Western Abdullah Rustame
Third Child’s Hill Alison Law and Judith Davidson
Very highly commended Bells Hill David Beckwith
Highly commended Gordon Road Mrs Fung Wan
Commended Fursby Avenue Kino Niccoli
Site competition
  Large sites Small sites
First Clifford Road Brent Way
Second Lawrence Street Fursby Avenue
Third Gordon Road Nethercourt Avenue
Very highly commended Rathbone Stanhope Road
Highly commended East Finchley  
Commended Hendon Grove  

The prizegiving took place on October 16 at Rathbone Allotments. Cups and certificates were presented to the winners and runners-up by the BAF chair, Kirstie Burgin. Some photograhs of the presentations may be seen by clicking here.

The organiser’s report on the competitions may be found by clicking here.

The full results together with the detailed scores may be found by clicking these links

Some photographs taken by the judges of the winning plots and sites may be seen by clicking these links

The winner of the Ted Green prize for 2017 is the Whetstone Stray Allotees Association. For a report on this year’s entries and the winning project, please click here .