Members’ Forum – Instructions

This forum is an online place for Barnet allotment societies to support each other – to ask for advice, share expertise and experiences, give ideas and celebrate successes.

Please add your comments to the topics raised by peers – it’s an online conversation, so good to hear different ideas and perspectives, or just reassurance that you’re facing similar issues.

If you’re adding a new topic, please make your title as descriptive as possible. Be assured that we’ll circulate topics to the BAF circulation email group every 1-2 weeks, to help raise the profile of your comments to others, and encourage responses.

Forum etiquette

  • Differences of opinion are fine, but please remain courteous and objective, avoiding personalising issues.
  • Please don’t comment in CAPITALS as it can look like shouting.
  • Use common sense when posting.
  • The forum forbids defamation, harassment, abuse and discrimination.
  • To report an inappropriate post, email

Technical tips

  • To create a new topic give a clear, short title then explain your points fully in the text box below.
  • Many familiar editing facilites are available, including cut-and-paste, text highlighting and dragging, and spell checking.
  • The buttons just above the text box are for advanced formatting. Unless you are comfortable with using html mark-up, then please do not use them, since if misused it is possible to corrupt the display of the topic. Instead you can just ‘cut and paste’ your comments from a different location.
  • Leave the ‘tag’ options as they are and topic status as ‘open’ then hit submit.
  • To add your comments on an existing topic use the ‘reply to’ section, add your comment in the text box and hit submit.

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