BAF Plot Competition 2020

As we are unable to run the site competitions this year, and in an effort to keep the spirit of them alive, the BAF committee has decided to hold a photographic competition just for plots. 

So many members have had more time to enjoy and gain benefit from their plots during lockdown and a great number are looking stunning right now. 

In order to do this we have asked sites to nominate a committee member to take the photos for us and send them to BAF for judging.  Incidentally, the same judges as last year will be participating.

The general idea is:

  • Participating sites will promote the competition and invite members to take part
  • No limits this time, we will accept any number of entries from each site
  • 3 photos to be taken of each plot (only one plot eligible if a member has more than one)
      • 1 pic top of plot to bottom
      • 1 pic bottom of plot to top
      • 1 pic across the plot
  • Pics to include as many features as possible like harvesting, composting, polytunnels, sheds, greenhouses and water; particularly showing a good, neat and tidy layout and an abundance of fruit, vegetables and flower
  • Sites have been asked to label each group of 3 photos with
      • the Society name
      • the members name
      • the name of the person who took the photos
  • Each group of 3 photos should not exceed 10MB in size
  • The photos will be emailed by the appointed committee member to:
  • The closing date for entries will be Friday 25 July and we recommend the photos are taken over the weekend of 18/19 July
  • Prizes will be awarded

We hope that many of our members will enter the competition and we look forward to seeing the photographic entries.