The Ted Green Memorial Award 2017

This year two societies – the Whetstone Stray Allottees Association and the Finchley Horticultural Society – summitted entries for consideration by the Federation. Both were worthy of consideration, so a group consisting of Belinda Constable and Hushang Balyuzi from the Federation committee, and Derek McMaster from Pointalls, the society that won the award in 2016, visited both societies to see the projects on the ground.

Both societies have raised money from local grants for spaces to be used by the community and are to be congratulated on this. On balance, the award was made to Whetstone Stray since their project was considered to be primarily of benefit to a group in the wider community.

Whilst Gordon Road had an impressive Piggery (tearoom) and raised beds for the local schools and for people with disabilities, it was Whetstone Stray that caught the judges’ imagination and attention.  They have taken a space at the top of their site and turned it into a lovely organic area for people with learning disabilities, of all ages.  Their grant of £2k was spent on erecting a polytunnel (one step down from industrial size) and housed a table, chairs and plants ready for planting out.  Great area for dodgy weather too. When the judges visited, the Thursday group was there and they took great pride in showing us what they had grown and developed since last October. They have two weekly groups and have a very hands on approach and there appeared to be more interaction with the groups than at Gordon Road.

For a fuller description of the project, please click here to see Whetstone Stray’s submission.