Allotment finder

Site name Location Managed by
Abbots Road HA8 0QT Abbots Road Allotment Society
Archfields NW4 1PP Archfields Allotment Association
Barfield Avenue N20 0DE Barfield Allotment Association
Bells Hill EN5 2XS Bells Hill Allotment Society
Brent Way N3 1AJ Finchley Horticultural Society
Brook Farm North N20 9PN Brook Farm Horticultural Society
Brook Farm South N20 9BS Brook Farm Horticultural Society
Byng Road EN5 4NS Byng Road Allotment Group
Cat Hill EN4 8HP East Barnet Allotments & Gardens Association
Cherry Tree Hill N2 0PN Cherry Tree Hill Allotment Association
Childs Hill NW2 2NH Childs Hill Allotment Society
Clifford Road EN5 5NY New Barnet Allotment Society
Colindale Allotments NW9 6RZ Colindale Allotment & Garden Association
Cool Oak Lane NW9 7ND West Hendon Allotment Society
Deans Lane HA8 9NP Deans Lane Allotment Society
Dollis Valley EN5 2PE Dollis Valley Allotments Association
East Finchley N2 9JP East Finchley Allotmment Holders’ Association
Finchley Manor NW11 6EJ Finchley Manor Allotment Society
Frith Manor N12 7BN Frith Manor Allotment Society
Fursby Avenue N3 1PN Fursby Avenue Allotment Society
Gordon Road N3 1EH Finchley Horticultural Society
Halliwick Park N10 1JP Halliwick Park Allotment Holders’ Association
Hatley Close N11 3LA Friern Barnet Central Allotment Holders Association
Hendon Grove NW4 4BH Hendon Grove Allotment Society
Hospital Fields NW2 1JJ Golders Green Allotment Association
Lawrence Street NW7 4JS Lawrence Street Allotments & Gardens Association
Mill Hill Allotments NW7 2HY Mill Hill Garden & Allotment Society
Montrose Avenue HA8
Needham Terrace NW2 6QL The Railway Terraces Allotment Association
Nethercourt Avenue N3 1PT Finchley Horticultural Society
Pointalls (Kay’s Land) N3 2QS Pointalls Allotment Society
Rathbone N20 0RY Rathbone Allotment Society
Sanders Lane NW7 1BF Sanders Lane Allotment Society
Simmons Way N20 0TJ Simmons Way Allotment Association
Stanhope Road EN5 2QS Brook Farm Horticultural Society
The Crescent N11 3LA Friern Barnet Central Allotment Holders Association
The Glebelands N12 0PX North Finchley Allotment Society
Thornfield Avenue NW7 1LS Thornfield Allotment Society
Tretawn Gardens NW7 4NN Golders Green Allotment Association
Tudor Road EN5 5NP New Barnet Allotment Society
Vale Farm N2 8LB Vale Farm Horticultural Society
Whetstone Stray N12 7DX Whetstone Stray Allotees Association
Wise Lane NW7 2DF Wise Lane Allotment Association
Woodhouse N12 9EA Woodhouse Allotments