Gordon Kerr

Gordon Kerr, Chair

From April 2021, Gordon has taken on the role of BAF Chair. Previously Gordon was a BAF committee member and also represented Bells Hill allotments at BAF meetings since self management became a live issue in 2011. Gordon was Bells Hill Chair and Secretary until timed out (10 years) in September 2022. He is a career debt capital markets specialist.


Derek McMaster, President

BAF are pleased to retain the services and experience of Derek in the newly created post of President. Derek has served as a BAF committee member and in site management roles over many years.


Kirstie Burgin, Vice Chair

Kirstie, from April 2021 is the BAF Vice-Chair, having served as a BAF committee member for a number of years. Away from BAF Kirstie has been a committee member at Sanders Lane allotments for over 10 years and is their Chair & Secretary. At Sanders Lane Kirstie’s youngest daughter also helps on the plot. Professionally, Kirstie is an HR manager.


Ruth Hendrick, Treasurer

Ruth is a Chartered Accountant and has acted as Treasurer of various voluntary organisations over many years, including an allotment site.


Liz Hall, Secretary

Liz is the BAF Secretary and for many years Liz has served on the committees of both BAF and West Hendon Allotments. Liz is currently Secretary at West Hendon.

Brigitte Ascher

Brigitte Ascher, Communications

Brigitte manages the BAF website, e-marketing platform and related communications. She fulfilled a similar role for a large allotment site over the past four years. Apart from being an allotment gardener, Brigitte is also a dedicated cold-water swimmer braving any temperature in the Ladies’ Pond.


Isobel Exell, Competitions

Isobel’s experience includes 20 years as Secretary for allotment societies and five years as BAF Secretary. Currently a co-opted member of the BAF committee Isobel manages and coordinates the annual competitions and horticultural show.


Julie Dene, Publicity

Julie manages publicity and promotional activities for BAF. She is also a member of the Bells Hill Allotments committee and enjoys the benefits of allotment gardening.


Lola Abiola, Strategy

Lola has a passion for horticulture, and describes herself as a ‘wannabe’ plantswoman. A forest garden is her idea of bliss.  She has first hand experience of the highs and lows of allotment society self-management, and brings research and business consultancy skills to the team.


Paul Castignetti, Site Advisor

Paul is a landscape gardener and horticulturalist with many years experience of fencing, tree work, landscaping, construction and drainage. For several years, he was the site manager of a large allotment site.


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