• Who We Are

    Barnet Allotment Federation is a network of 37 allotment societies, comprising 44 allotment sites across the London Borough of Barnet. Through the Federation, societies support each other, sharing expertise in good allotment management.

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  • What we do

    The Federation promotes our strategic vision of a strong and sustainable allotment movement in Barnet. Through an elected committee the Federation coordinates the societies combined energies and expertise; sharing knowledge, skills and resources, providing advice, internal and external media communications and promoting best practice in allotment gardening.

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  • Our Website

    Our website provides an information and resource service to our member societies.  It also uniquely serves many visitors who are interested in allotment gardening and those seeking to apply for an allotment plot for the first time.

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      What is the usual waiting time for an allotment plot?

      The waiting time depends on many variables which mean that there is not a specific time period. Allotment sites have waiting lists as there is usually high demand for plots. We suggest you contact your preferred site(s) directly, submit an application form and they will be in a position to offer specific information.

      I am a plotholder and wish to make a complaint. How can I do this?

      The Federation is unable to handle complaints from plotholders or other parties. In the first instance, any complaints should be raised with the allotment site management who should have available a complaints handling procedure. Request a copy and follow the documented guidance.

      How much does it cost to rent an allotment plot?

      Allotment sites fix their annual charges for plot rental and additional services. There are no standard prices. Therefore, cost enquiries should be made directly to the allotment site of your choice.

      What advice can you offer to a member society on how to deal with breaches of site regulations?

      In the first instance the site committee should submit to BAF a formal request along with a brief report of the issue(s) and breaches in question.

      Do allotment plots vary in size?

      Yes they do. There are fewer of the historically large size plots, as many people are time challenged and prefer smaller plots, which are easier to manage whilst meeting site compliance regulations. By reducing plot sizes allotment sites have made available more plots to meet rising demand.


      Can you recommend any reading materials about allotment gardening?

      There are many sources of information to help with allotment gardening. Conventional sources include a wide range of books plus monthly magazines and radio and tv programmes. The internet holds masses of free reference material including the websites of garden products suppliers such as seed merchants and plant growers.

      What are typical allotment plot sizes?

      Traditionally allotment plot sizes are measured in ‘poles’, a very old unit of measure. A pole is 5.5×5.5 yards which is 30.25 sq yards or 25.3 sq metres. Here are a few examples of plot sizes, including conversions in both units of measure.

      PolesSquare YardsSquare Metres

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