18.07.20 Annual Competitions

There was great uncertainty whether BAF would be able to hold its annual plot and site competition this year, and as it turned out, the site element had to be dropped, but we decided to give a plot photographic competition a go and see what kind of response we received.

We received a total of 63 entries from 15 societies, with some societies submitting many more than we had expected. With so much more time being spent on plots due to lockdown, this was an opportunity to offer all plotholders a chance to enter and have their endeavours recognised in photographic format.

The process undertaken by our 11 judges, individually, was for all the entries to be viewed and then to choose those they considered were the best 15. These 15 were then judged using a set of 8 criteria very similar to that used on the physical judging visits to plots.  Using this judging methodology not all plots received marks – all this means is they didn’t come within the top 15. Those entrants should not feel disheartened as all the submissions showed good plot management where a great deal of effort has been made.

BAF awards prizes to the top 6 entries and these are as follows:

WinnersAwardPlotholderAllotment Site
First prizeTrophy and £50Erica PageBells Hill
Second prize Trophy and £30Graham FletcherCat Hill
Third prizeTrophy and £20Anca Covaci Pointalls
Fourth prizeCertificate VHCSilas KendallGolders Green
Fifth prizeCertificate HCAbdullah RustameVale Farm
Sixth prize Certificate CBill HancockCat Hill

Please spend a little time and take a look at the photos of all of the top 6 winners’ plots below.

EntrantAllotment Site
EntrantAllotment Site
Mark AdamsBells HillPaul RothwellGolders Green
Doug RiceFriern Barnet CentralJohn WaterhousePointalls
George CarterBrook Farm SouthDavid BeckwithBells Hill
Janie EastermanChilds Hill Fiona QuintonFriern Barnet Central
Jayne CarterBrook Farm South

BAF wishes to thank all participating societies and entrants and we hope that if we can’t continue with our physical judging competition on site next year, we will be able to run a photographic event again

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