Members Meetings

As gatherings remain subject to Covid-19 restrictions we held for the second time our representatives meeting using the Zoom videoconferencing platform.

For this meeting in preference to a specific topic we offered site representatives the opportunity to have a general catch-up between societies with any news or questions to share.

The meeting was lively and informative with contributions from 20 participants and over 70 online (Zoom) chats during the session.

Topics were wide ranging with participants contributing comments and information, expressing concerns and sharing actual and practical site experiences.

The subjects raised and discussed were:

  • Site Regulations as they apply to visitor numbers, non cultivation of plots and conditions of tenancies.
  • Committees and committee members’ roles. Eligibility of potential committee members’, rewards/payments in return for services provided. Threatening behaviour on and off site towards committee members’.
  • Volunteers now fewer to help with site maintenance tasks. Incentives for working party participants.
  • Annual General Meetings should remain suspended as last communicated by us on 18th September and in accordance with the law, Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 and guidance issued by The Chartered Governance Institute and the Financial Reporting Council.
  • Legal Advice from qualified professionals with experience of handling appropriate allotment matters made available to societies to standardise processes, Barnet Council and the ongoing problems with communications and lack of assistance.
  • Security. Alternative products to conventional gate padlocks/keys such as smart padlocks. GDPR compliance with use of cameras on allotment sites and individual plots.
  • Land Use. Possibilities of converting ground unsuitable for plots for communal cultivation purposes such as vineyards, orchards and polytunnels.
  • Should you have any questions relating to the topics or wish to offer or seek any advice or information please email:

The date of the next meeting will be issued later.

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