17.08.19 Horticultural Show

The show was held on 17th & 18th August. As we needed more space the new venue was the Martin School in East Finchley.  This worked really well, with ample room for walking around the exhibits, a kitchen for serving tea and cakes and a venue located in the south of the borough with easy transport links and parking.

The show was covered by the local Archer newspaper and it was good to see many members of the public in attendance too. Volunteers from the East Finchley Allotment site provided cakes and teas which were delicious and made a tidy income for which we are very grateful.

There were more plotholders entries than in previous years, due mainly to better promotion and a revamping of the show schedule.  It would be good to get more children involved in entering and we hope to liaise with the school PTA in the future to advertise the event in their summer newsletter. We will also increase the level of promotion to our BAF allotment societies.

With a bigger and better venue and a greater number of entries we be appealing for more helpers for setting up and clearing away, and of course in assisting with the important auction at the end of the show. If you are able to lend a hand next time we would be delighted to hear from you.

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