20.08.22 Horticultural Show

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    The 2022 Show took place at Rathbone Allotments over the weekend of 20/21 August. It was a little daunting going back to setting everything up, having not done this since 2019, and a little worrying that the weather conditions this summer had not been kind to crops and flowers. But after a slow start on Saturday, things picked up and a flurry of activity on Sunday morning brought in a flood of colour from the flower entries. The Domestic division wasn’t as well represented as in the past, but the quality of the items entered made up for this.

    The members at Rathbone Allotments were wonderful in their help and support, and of course we had the most superb display set up from Brook Farm Horticultural Society, a not-to-be-missed spectacle.

The winners of the divisions were:

Vegetables – best exhibitMarina Negri from Rathbone Allotments (Stem of Sprouts) Rita Levy Cup
Fruit – best exhibitAfsaneh G’Nia from Whetstone Stray Allotments (Discovery Apples) Brewer Cup
Potted Plants – best exhibitKino Nicoli from Fursby Avenue Allotments (Dahlias) Constable Rose Bowl
Potted Plants – best exhibitAfsaneh G’Nia from Whetstone Stray Allotments (Iranian Basil) Inter Society Floral Art Cup
Domestic – best exhibitJulie Dene from Bells Hill Allotments (Jumbleberry Jam) WVS Cup
  • Afsaneh G'Nia awards

    After the presentations most of the produce was taken back by the entrants, so instead of an auction for what remained, we simply asked for donations for the items people wanted to take away. This worked really well and we may do this again next time.

    I’d like to thank Elisabeth Newton, the Domestic division judge, for giving up two days of her time, as her husband Robert, who usually beavers away with the event staging, was unwell and couldn’t attend. Grateful thanks also go to fellow BAF committee members who gave their time over the weekend.

There is sometimes a feeling that the same people win year on year, but this isn’t always the case. This year we had a few first-timers to the Show and two of them won trophies! So we encourage all allotment sites to enter and give it a go next year.

Many congratulations to the Show winners and a huge thank you to all participants.

Isobel Exell – Horticultural Show Organiser & BAF Competitions Secretary

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