28.07.23 Competition Results

The results of the 2023 BAF plot and site competition are in. Congratulations and thanks to all the participants.


Abdullah Rustame, Vale Farm90.5First Place
Silas Kendal, Golders Green90.0Second Place
Mark Adams, Bells Hill86.5Third Place
George Carter, Brook Farm South86.0Very Highly Commended
Richard Courtauld, West Hendon83.5Highly Commended
Arten Lala, Archfields81.0Commended
Theodosis Savvas, Cat Hill79.5
Lyn & Robert Hutton, Brook Farm North79.0
Mahmoud Alipour, Archfields77.0
Charlie Culnan, Cat Hill76.5
Papazacharia & Demetra Georgio68.0
Domingos Periera, West Hendon62.0
Gordon Jackson, Brook FarmNorth59.5
Tony Pistillionides, Stanhope Road45.0
Joe Keveaney, Brook Farm South36.0
Sites:  Very Large, Large & Medium
Bells Hill62.0First Place
Brook Farm North60.0Second Place
Lawrence Street59.0Third Place
Gordon Road56.5Very Highly Commended
Cat Hill56.0Highly Commended
Golders Green53.5Commended
West Hendon51.5
Brook Farm South47.5
Sites: Small
Fursby Avenue46.0First Place
Stanhope Avenue27.5Second Place


The first round of judging took place on Saturday 15 July and on Saturday 22 July the moderating round finalised the judging.

There were only 10 sites that entered this year, (two of which were Small Sites) it was decided to group Very Large, Large and Medium Sites together.

BAF would like to thank all the societies that took part.


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