15.05.18 Notices

The General Data Protection Regulation, which originates from the European Union and which unifies the regulations on the holding, use and retention of personal data across member states, comes into effect on May 25th. It is in the process of being incorporated into British law in a new Data Protection Act, which is currently going through parliament and which will replace the Data Protection Act 1988.

In order for allotment societies in Barnet to manage their sites and let plots, they have to hold information on plotholders and must therefore comply with the requirements of the GDPR. To help them to do so the Federation has updated its advisory paper on data management to reflect the requirements of the GDPR. Copies may be downloaded from the website by clicking here.

One requirement of the GDPR is that societies provide their members and applicants for plots with a privacy notice that says what personal information is held and the purposes for which it is used. The Federation has produced a model privacy notice that a society may use as the basis for its notice. A copy may be downloaded from the website by clicking here.

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