Recycling Green Waste Materials

Recycling Green Waste Materials

Posted 6th November 2020

Allotment sites can produce considerable quantities of green and dry waste materials, much of which may be surplus to requirements. Plotholders are usually encouraged to compost waste materials and in many cases also resort to burning waste vegetation on their plots.

There is another option to better dispose of this surplus; a recycling process which also has both environmental and health benefits.

Pointalls (PAL), a local allotment site in Finchley and BAF member, introduced a ban on burning on individual plots and in 2017 took an initiative to Barnet council resulting in the introduction of a plotholders’ green waste skip service for the disposal and recycling of the site’s large surplus of vegetation waste.

We encourage you to click on this link to check out the useful report which outlines the reasons for change, details of the service provided and who to contact for more information.

Members Representatives Meeting – 28th September 2020

Members Representatives Meeting – September 28 2020

Posted 1st October 2020

As gatherings remain subject to Covid-19 restrictions we held for the second time our representatives meeting using the Zoom videoconferencing platform.

For this meeting in preference to a specific topic we offered site representatives the opportunity to have a general catch-up between societies with any news or questions to share.

Topics were wide ranging with representatives contributing comments and information, expressing concerns and sharing actual and practical site experiences.

The meeting was lively and informative. For details of the matters covered please click here.

Societies Annual General Meetings

Societies Annual General Meetings

Posted 18th September 2020

We have been asked about how societies can run AGMs at the present time. The BAF Committee have discussed and reviewed previous guidance and advise that AGMs should remain suspended. This is in line with current Government guidance. If appropriate certain information which is normally shared at AGMs can be distributed, such as annual accounts and reports.

BAF Plot Competition 2020 Results

BAF Plot Competition 2020 Results

 In June we announced that this year’s plot competition would be different as a result of Covid-19 restrictions. Instead of judging taking place on allotment sites we went ahead with a photographic competition to see what kind of response we received.

What a success it has been. We received a record number of entries as plotholders spent more time on plots due to lockdown and took advantage of the chance to enter and have their endeavours recognised in photographic format.

For more information, details of the winners and photos of the winning plots,  please click here.

BAF wishes to thank all our participating societies and entrants and we hope that if we can’t continue with our physical judging competition on site next year, we will be able to run a photographic event again.



The Climate Change Garden

The Climate Change Garden

As our usual members’ meetings are not taking place due to Covid-19 restrictions we decided to make use of, for the first time, the Zoom videoconferencing platform which is proving to be a vital communication channel for increasing numbers of people.

On Thursday July 30th the guest presentation covered the increasingly important subject of climate change which is close to the hearts of allotmenteers. In 2020 we’ve experienced many extremes of weather, from the wettest February on record, to the warmest spring; then autumn-like weather most recently and the hottest day of the year.

The presenter, Kim Stoddart, is a gardening journalist and editor of The Organic Way magazine and also runs gardening courses through her social enterprise Green Rocket.

You can find an outline of the presentation and solutions on our website by clicking here.

If you want to know more and create a climate change resilient allotment plot check out The Climate Change Garden, an excellent book which is available from the authors Sally Morgan & Kim Stoddart (  

BAF Horticultural Show 2020

BAF Horticultural Show 2020

With the current Covid-19 restrictions in place we have decided to cancel this year’s horticultural show.

We very much hope to hold the horticultural show next year at the Martin Primary School in East Finchley.

We wish all our members a safe and successful growing season.

High Demand for Allotment Plots

High Demand for Allotment Plots

We are currently experiencing via our website high volumes of applications for allotment plots. Demand is far greater than availability of plots during this time. Our Federation allotment sites, there are 44, also receive direct applications and are reporting long waiting lists and some have now closed their lists to new applicants.

In recent years there has been a surge of interest in growing your own food. This has led to a big rise in demand for allotments as more and more people recognise the multiple benefits of being an allotment holder. Having a local space to grow fresh, affordable food, meet others, share tips and knowledge.

We recognise it is a major challenge to meet current demand with plots in short supply and growing waiting lists. Our advice is to be patient for now and consider directly contacting your preferred allotment site during the autumn to find out how your application is progressing.

BAF Plot Competition 2020

BAF Plot Competition 2020

This year we are unable to run the site/plot competitions in the usual way. To keep the spirit of the annual competitions alive the BAF committee is holding a photographic competition just for plots. 

Full details of how to enter and entry requirements have been sent to Society Chairs and Secretaries and may be found by clicking here.  

The closing date for entries will be Friday 25 July and we recommend the photos are taken over the weekend of 18/19 July. Prizes will be awarded by our panel of judges.

So many members have had more time to enjoy and gain benefit from their plots during lockdown and a great number are looking stunning right now. 

We hope that many of our members will enter the competition and we look forward to seeing the photographic entries.


Covid-19 updates for allotments

Covid-19 Updates for Allotments

For the latest information during the coronavirus crisis and importantly keeping allotment sites and plotholders safe we suggest you visit the National Allotment Society website. Regular updates and questions and answers can be found on their Covid-19 Emergency Measures page. Go to

RHS Medal for Veteran Rathbone Allotmenteer

RHS Medal for Veteran Rathbone Allotmenteer

On November 30th, David Woodhouse of Rathbone Allotments in Whetstone was presented with a Royal Horticultural Society silver medal and certificate by Kirstie Burgin, chair of the Barnet Allotment Federation, to mark his retirement after 50 years of allotmenting. Fellow members and family gathered for the presentation at the Rathbone Pavillion which, many years ago David had helped to build and which, as he recalled, now stands on what was originally someone’s plot. David also recalled that the allotment was once known as ‘Stoneyfields’, a fact that long suffering fellow plot holders found all too easy to believe! Although David is hanging up his spade and wellies, he is a life member and retains a shed near his old plot, so his colleagues will continue to enjoy seeing him around the allotment.

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